“We would like to “Thank You” for the great four weeks Landon attended your summer program. Landon has learned so much from your program, improved skills, self-esteem, attitude, and self-confidence. We feel he has learned more in 4 weeks than 3 years of Little League. Your coaching staff has a “very special” talent. Landon is looking forward to your Winter Ball Program and returning next summer for 6 weeks. Thanks Coach Bill…. thanks Mark Cresse….. Thanks to everyone…..”

The Poirier Family

Nolan Cromwell “We traveled from Green Bay to California after we heard from our friends in Laguna Niguel what a quality program Mark Cresse offers. Lance’s experience far exceeded our expectations. He returned home with a new understanding of baseball fundamentals, and the camp totally re-energized his enthusiasm for the game.

Nolan Cromwell
Coach, Seattle Seahawks

“I wish you all a Merry Christmas and bright New Year. I am very thankful for the fundamentals I have learned from Cresse Camp. I feel I have improved dramatically since last summer. Hopefully, I will see you guys next summer! All the best, your humble student.

Pasha Elesir
Toronto, Canada

Tim Wallach“As a former teammate of Mark, I knew how much effort he puts into everything he does. The Mark Cresse School of Baseball is simply the finest baseball camp around. My sons Brett and Matt learned the games fundamentals from experienced coaches who showed individual care and concern for every child in camp.”

Tim Wallach
Former Major League All-Star and L.A. Dodger

“My son Robbie just finished his first year in your program having spent four weeks at your Aliso Viejo Camp. Coach, he loved it. He learned a lot, had fun and can hardly wait to do it all again next year. In particular, he thought your staff was very, very friendly.

My challenge in the next eleven plus months is to make sure his Little League coaches don’t un-do the good things he learned…..

Robert B. Morgan
Newport Beach, CA

“My son Josh had a very positive experience at the Mark Cresse School of Baseball. He came home excited and anxious to attend the next day”

Damon Berryhill
Former Major League Player

“Wanted to thank you and all the coaches for another wonderful time for D.J. this summer. He loves your camp and baseball! Mark, Jeff and your coaches do a great job with the kids. Thanks for all your support. We’ll see you next summer.

Ann Meyers Drysdale
Basketball Hall of Fame

Buck Rodgers“My grandson Bret has attended the Mark Cresse School of Baseball for 3 years and he has enjoyed every minute of it. He could not learn from better people than you and your outstanding staff.

Buck Rodgers
Former Manager, Anaheim Angels

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful program you and your staff ran at the Aliso Viejo site. I can’t express in enough words the progress I have seen in Eric’s ability to play the game. Your program has certainly made the difference in Eric’s winter ball season this year. His hitting, fielding, and general understanding of the game has reached a new level.

Steve Anderson
Las Flores, CA.

“I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your outstanding, knowledgeable staff. My son had a tremendous FUN time at your camp. He learned a great deal and because of your camp has improved his hitting and other baseball skills. His confidence in his abilities has also improved. It was great to watch your camp and see the enjoyment, enthusiasm and love for the game you and your staff displayed to the children and young men in your camp.”

Mike, Dianna And Joseph Lehman
Los Alamitos, CA

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of my son, Michael Curtis for another very positive experience at Cresse Camp. Michael just completed his third year, and once again the experience was very positive. Scott Winterburn and all of the others, did their usual great job. A special thanks to Coach Bill, Coach Ken and Coach Riggs for all of the help they gave Michael. Keep up the good work. We look forward to camp next year. Thanks”

Dick Curtis
Villa Park, CA

“Please enroll Jeremy for weeks 5-8 at the Irvine Campus. I would like to thank everyone for the excellent job you do. Jeremy comes home tired by happy everyday and looking forward to the next day. what more could a parent ask for?

He has gained confidence in himself and his baseball skills improve everyday. Thank you,”

Diane Gilbert
Mission Viejo

“We travel from Littleton, Colorado to Orange County for your Winter Camp because we have found nobody like Mark and his staff in our area. We attribute my sons high school baseball success to a large degree to our four years traveling to California to attend your marvelous program. Many, many thanks!!”

Jeff Reed
Littleton, Colorado

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share the Angel’s Clinic Field Day with your camp. My son Garrett and I will always treasure that day as one of our favorite birthday memories.

Your camp was a terrific experience, as well. I was very impressed with your coaching staff at Villa Park, especially Coach Mike. Its amazing how you can keep those young boys motivated all day long. As a parent, I appreciate your professionalism, your techniques, your organization, and your caring. See you at Winter Camp!”

Lori Christensen
Trabuco Canyon

Chris Barton DonnelsMany thanks for your outstanding program. Tanner has learned a greater appreciation of how much work it really takes to excel in baseball. My son’s “improved practice habits” makes me proud to have sent him to your school. Just a side note – Tanner especially enjoyed being able to participate in team games with his friends (in youth league you are usually competing against them)

Chris Donnels
Arizona Diamondbacks

“Many times, I have lectured at the Mark Cresse School of Baseball. I am amazed at the great facilities. I have never seen finer youth complexes. I got the feeling that I am back at Vero Beach at Dodger Spring Training whenever I visited the Cresse Camp. What a big advantage it is for a young ballplayer to receive professional instruction from Mark and his staff of College and High School coaches. When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, if I would have had the opportunity to be taught the fundamentals at such an early age, maybe it would have been Lasorda and not Koufax winning Cy Young and strikeout awards.”

Damon Berryhill
Former Major League Player

Mark and team,

I wanted to thank you for a great winter camp session at Orange High. This is the third visit for Hunter (who recently turned 7). We interviewed several other camps and spoke to many friends and parents in the North Orange county area prior to selecting your camp. In the end, we are now more than ever convinced we made the right decision. The Cresse camp is up and way the best overall training environment. Mark Rigney and his coaches at the Orange facility provide a disciplined and structured learning experience and do so in a fun and entertaining way. You, Coach Rigney and team made the difference in my son’s Christmas vacation and helped to make him a better ball player. For that I owe you one. – All the best

Shane Cranto

Dear Mark Cresse School of Baseball,

My son Mack and his friends Austin and Spencer recently completed your summer camp in South County and had a great experience. I was able to sneak away from work on a few of the days and witness your expert coaches in action with the kids and i was most impressed. The kids were drilled on the fundamentals of baseball and responded well to their direction, and there was hardly a minute wasted. I was amazed at the access that the Mark Cresse camp had to the Angel Stadium, coaches and players. The highlight of my day was hearing the 100 plus kids chanting “Vladdy! Vladdy! Vladdy!” during batting practice, and the Vladdy obliging with a home run clinic. He really put on a show for the kids and it was awesome! Thanks again!

Reed Morales

My son, Christopher Griffen, just finished his camp experience at your Huntington Beach site and we just wanted to tell you that we had a terrific time and will certainly be signing up next summer. We attended camp with (2) of our friends, Daniel Norris and Garrett Gallegos and all three of our families were very delighted with the camp experience. I coach all 3 of these boys on a Newport Beach 11 and under travel team, and we are going to try and get our entire team to commit for next summer.

Your director Rick, did a great job and ran an excellent camp. My son Chris, wanted me to mention he especially liked Rick and Coach JP Rizzo as well.

We will not hesitate to recommend your camp to all of our friends.


Michael Griffen
Newport Beach, CA.

It is nice to know that there are still some organizations that practice what they preach, and promise. The Mark Cresse School of Baseball truly does.

Your commitment to instruct and teach baseball, discipline, and true values to our son’s is second to none.

As a parent who has been able to spend a great deal of time at camp observing things first hand, I have learned so much about how young kids should be treated and motivated. The love and respect the kids have for all the coaches is truly genuine and very touching and inspirational.

Keep up the great job and please don’t ever lower your standards, they mean so much to so many of us parents, as well as the kids. These standards truly do set you apart from other organizations.


Robert Cavazos Whittier

“A short note of thanks for the wonderful camp experience you provided for my son J.J. From my very first conversation until today our encounters with the Mark Cresse School of Baseball have all been top-notch!

Though our son J.J. is only 5 years old he learned a great deal. Your step-by -step instructions not only taught the fundamentals but gave him the necessary tools to practice at home. (Which he does of his own volition almost daily). As a mater of fact, “rock back, strike, pivot, hold the swing” is quickly becoming a family mantra! Specifically we have witnessed vast improvement in his hitting, throwing, and overall consistency. Most importantly though he has become a more confident boy off the field as well as on!

Please express our gratitude to the Director and staff of the Huntington Beach site. We look forward to next summer!”


Kirk and Michelle Wells
Whittier, CA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After attending your camp for just one summer, our son Jonathan went from being a relatively unknown player on a 7th place AAA team, to one of the top players in the Major Division, finishing the season with an error free fielding percentage and a .509 batting average!

Thanks in large part to the training he received at your camp, Jonathan was named to our city’s Major All-Stars and invited to play on a top AABC Club Team! Your coaches and instructors are the best in the business and it is a great pleasure that we once again enroll Jonathan in your baseball camp. With much admiration, appreciation and applause”.

Stephen Brown
Proud parent of Cresse Camper, Laguna Niguel, CA

“I’d like to thank you for a very enjoyable week in between Christmas and New Year’s. Your baseball camp and father/son camp was a truly highlight to end 1997. It was a wonderful, professionally run, kids oriented camp with some of the most marvelous techniques. Your coaches were some of the most polite, friendly and patient coaches that I have ever met.

Because of this learning experience, my son Garrett will not only have newfound fundamentals of baseball, but memories he will carry with him his entire life. He is just glowing of anticipation of his Little League’s opening day this year.

Coach Cresse, if you could imagine Garrett standing up, both arms high above his head, saying “Yes!” after you pitched him the ball and he lined it into left center field. He still talks about that every day”.

Garrett and Pete Trevino

“We wanted to thank you and all your coaches at the Irvine campsite for giving our eight-year-old son, Nicholas, the best summer camp experience of his life!

We had signed him up for six weeks on summer camp only to hear from Nicolas on his second day of camp that he wanted to go all eight weeks next summer. Nicolas will tell you the coaches at the Irvine campsite were wonderful especially Director Tom Faris and Coach Duane Page. We thank all of the coaches for their professionalism, expertise, care and concern, and love of the game.

We will recommend Mark Cresse School of Baseball to all the families involved with South Irvine Little League and would be happy to be a reference for the Irvine campsite.

We are looking forward to sending Nicholas to Winter Camp and many more Summer Camps with Coach Tom and Coach Duane.”

Phyllis Martin

My son Kyle attended the camp at Edison Field last week and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful time.

The Angel Clinic was a terrific experience, not only the baseball aspect, it was a great father-son day. Listening to the Angel coaches, the autographed ball, meeting some players, being on the outfield grass, and seeing a quality major league game – it was terrific! When I tucked him in that night he had his glove in one hand and his signed ball in the other!

The camp itself was excellent and Kyle enjoyed telling me about what he did each day. I was very impressed by the caliber of your coaches. I only chatted with them briefly, however it is very apparent that they love the game and are very good with kids. I especially liked the fact that you stressed developing a good attitude in addition to working on skills and fundamentals. As a Little League manager and soccer coach I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this aspect of your camp.

We are already making plans to send Kyle to your camp next year, this time for several weeks instead of just one. In the meantime,I have enclosed one of Kyle’s cards from this past season, he wanted you to have one. Think of it as a small token of appreciation from one of your many little fans out there on whom you have had a very positive impact.

Thanks again Mark!

Hi Mark,

What a website!

My son Jonathon just started playing baseball last year. He played outfield R-L-centre Field positions due to his strong arm. He is an outstanding athelete in school, track and field, cross country runner, and now baseball. This year they started him as a starter pitcher because of his focus, power, control and command of his pitching. He has a very high strike out rate, and now I am confused of where to have him continue his skills. Outfielder or pitcher. He is working on his batting skills, but has a high strike out rate there. When he does connect the ball really travels.

I believe that he would really benefit from your camp. He loves to pitch, and loves to get that strike out. He is a top bowler in the district and probably gets his arm strength and focus skills from that sport.

We live in London, Ontario, Canada (next to Toronto) and he has attended a few of the day camps offered by the Blue Jays Youth Camps. Your prices I am sure are American Dollars. Could you please help me out with that question? Also, I was not clear on where the camps were offered? It seems that you have different camps and locations. Jonathon will be 11 August 8, and will turn to 12 August 8, 2004. Would he go to the Senior group or regular group. Would love to hear from you. Baseball fan…

Mary Boissoneau


I want to thank you and all your staff for having, what I believe to be the largest impact on my son in baseball and more importantly life thus far. As the new in an Ohio community, my son Shane was not getting the playing time of some of the other kids(Mark I know this sounds so typical). I also tried getting him on a travel team but was told Shane was not the caliber of player they were looking for. It was difficult for me with a limited baseball background. I became a highly motivated individual; to learn baseball and to become more involved with my son.

I grew up in Orange County and knew it was a hotbed for baseball. Living in Ohio, California seemed like a long way to travel for an 8 year old to learn how to play. I made Shane a deal; A’s and B’s would get him a week in baseball camp in California instead of travel ball in Ohio.

I was absolutely blown away by what I was seeing and hearing. I met no less that 10 coaches, all saying and doing the same thing. Then there was Mark, with th energy level and confidence, and “baseball is life” attitude and analogies unlike anything I’ve ever seen or thought of. I could see the change in Shane’s game after the first day and his confidence level was amazing. That was 5 years ago. This year he attended for 5 weeks and cried on the jet coming home(because it was over). He was asked to try out for the #4 ranked 13 year old team in Ohio this season and out of 90 kids, he was one of 5 that made the team. I was told by the coach of his team that he was the most fundamentally sound 13 year old that he had ever seen and even as fundamentally sound as any senior in high school.

The expense and effort to get him from Ohio has more than paid off in baseball skills and level of overall confidence he has come away with. He has been taught a work ethic that coaches notice.
This, in my opinion is the finest camp in the United States.

Michael A. Delligatta

Dear Mark;

Our son Michael Lewis and two of his baseball buddies (Brennen Mulvaney and Ian Greene) attended your baseball camp in Aliso Viejo last week. All three boys thoroughly enjoyed their camp experience. Beside having fun, their baseball skills improved dramatically and that is the primary reason we send them to your camp.

As a parent, I am very impressed with the organizational structure of your camp program. There is never a wasted minute and the interest level is kept high with the players moving from station to station. The coaching is spectacular! All of your coaches have all the baseball skills down pat, but more importantly it is their ability to communicate clearly to the kids and to be able to transfer this knowledge to them. All the drills and fun games are cleverly designed to get the kids working hard and improving their baseball skills.

The investment in your camp will pay dividends for our trio of boys as they all will be playing in the Laguna Beach major league division next year. Please be sure to pass along to the entire Aliso Viejo Mark Cresse coaching team that Michael, Brennen and Ian appreciated all their hard work.

Well be back again next year. If you have the father and son Christmas camp like you have had in the past, we’ll probably do that camp too!

Thank you for providing a true baseball environment for the kids and for giving them the opportunity to learn more about the great game.


Steve Lewis
Laguna Beach, CA.

I would like to congratulate you on your outstanding organization! I enrolled my son, Tony Scott, in the second session of the summer camp in Huntington Beach (7-23 through 8-17) I had heard that your school was the best. While I didn’t not doubt this, I did not expect the level of excellence that I witnessed. I watched on several mornings and afternoons and was very impressed with what I saw. Your coaches cared about the kids, and it showed.

Successful organization start with a motivated leader. The leader must then select team members that share the same goals. I believe, Mark, that you have been successful to this end. Each of your coaches at the Huntington Beach Camp should be commended for the job they did this session. I watched them interact with my son and was impressed with the way that they were able to communicate with him. They were able to teach him discipline, teamwork and the fundamentals of baseball at the same time.

My son came away from your school with a vastly greater appreciation and skill level for the game of baseball than I expected. I am happy that he enjoys the game more now that he has a greater comprehension of the fundamentals. The difference in his ability to play this game, compared to four weeks ago is incredible! He is already talking about next summer, and at the end of camp he was telling other campers that he would see them next year.

Please extend my personal thanks to the entire staff in Huntington Beach. They all did an excellent job. I hope that they don’t take for granted the impact they have on these kids. The kids all look up to these coaches and I believe that they will remember them for years to come. I would also like to say a special thanks you, Mark. The atmosphere at the camp when you are there is incredible! The motivation that you show the kids as well as your coaches is exciting to watch. I know that you are busy but it is too bad that you can’t be at every camp every day!

To you and your staff, keep up the great work you do. I will be telling all of my friends that have kids in baseball, to take a look at your program. They will not be disappointed! I look forward to seeing you all next summer. Again, please extend my heartfelt thanks to your staff for the training and excellence that they brought Tony.


John Scott
Seal Beach, CA.

I wanted to make a point of formally thanking you for a very thoughtful act of yours this summer. Our son, Franz Meyer, age 8, was about to attend his second summer of camp with the Mark Cresse School. He loves baseball, and he was very much looking forward to it. Unfortunately, he contracted a very severe case of strep throat the weekend before camp, and he had to miss the first week of camp.

This also meant that he had to miss the trip to the Angels game (which he had been unable to attend the previous year). He was doubly disappointed, not to mention very ill (literally in bed for a week).

Without Franz’s knowledge, I called you to ask a favor. I wanted to know if there was any way that you might be able to get a ball signed for him in his absence. I knew that it would mean a lot to him.You said that you’d do your best, but couldn’t make guarantees because you wouldn’t be at the game (and would have to arrange for someone to stand in line, etc.). I understood completely and was appreciative that you were even willing to try.

Well, you came through with flying colors. I called you the day after the Angels fame to see if you had pulled it off, which you had. So while he was still lethargic and fighting the pain, I was able to boost his spirits with news of the signed ball. When Franz was able to attend camp, you had the ball for him, signed and in the plastic case. He was so happy, and I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your caring and attention to detail, the reason that we love the Mark Cresse School of Baseball.

We’re a baseball family – my husband having played a short stint in Semi-Pro ball, and myself a longtime softball player. So we understand the game, and we understand good coaching. And we couldn’t be more impressed by the Mark Cresse School. The kids learn the fundamentals in ways that are easy to remember and they also learn the sophisticated fine points; all this they learn by being positively rewarded and respectfully disciplined as they go — really a perfect balance. We can’t say enough about the coaching – to a person, each coach we encountered was encouraging, talented, perceptive, intelligent, courteous, and fun (both according to our opinions after hanging around, watching games, listening to Mark Cresse speak, and according to the opinion of the more important contributor, Franz himself).

Again, thank you, Jeff, for your kindness, and for living up to all that the Mark Cresse School of Baseball stands for. You are a credit to the organization.


Timarie Lawrence
Huntington Beach

“My son Nick, had a fabulous four weeks. He came home every night with a new technique that he learned that day. Your coaches were superb. Nicolas is a shy one at first and I was reluctant to leave him alone all day, let alone go for the whole four weeks. After talking with Jay and J.R. and learning that this shy little boy that I saw coming to camp each morning was actually right in the thick of things within an hour. They also said he was listening well to the coaches and picking up on their instructions the first time, I then knew he was in the right place. Jeff made him feel especially accepted and Nick learned a great deal from him. We have had some private lessons with another pro, but this was the most he has learned from a technical and fundamental standpoint then anything else we’ve tried! Thank you so much, it has really boosted his self confidence! We’ll be back in the winter and the summer!”


Paulette Mills
San Juan Capistrano

“We wanted to send a note of thanks to the great staff at Mark Cresse’s School of Baseball. The camp was everything and more than we expected! My 5 year old son Tommy attended the North County camp from June 28th through July 2nd.

The Villa Park facilities were excellent. Spacious, with the ability to handle the 58 kids in attendance. But facilities aside, it was definitely the coaches that made the difference. Coach Bill did a great job running the show that week. But we have to extend a special thanks to coach Frank Sandoval who was OUTSTANDING with my son. Besides Frank’s great teaching skills with young people (and patience) his ability to identify the needs of each player both physically and emotionally is such an asset. Tommy sometimes has to be coddled because he gets so upset with himself when he doesn’t learn something immediately. Frank’s kindness and compassion with Tom truly made a difference between him excelling or struggling in the learning process. All of the coaches at Mark Cresse were outstanding, all kids seemed to take to everyone.

The final day was fun to watch. Mark’s ability to stimulate and energize the kids is beyond compare. And I’ve never seen anyone use analogies the way he does to teach the game where the kids really get what he’s saying and apply it.

On the last day, when camp ended, we got in the van and the first words out of his mouth was “Can I come back next year?” Absolutely, we’ll be back.

Should you be contacted by any parent who may have concerns about sending their young child to your camp, the can rest assured, they’re in good hands, will have fun, and definitely learn the game.

Also, a special thanks to Mark – we decided to stay an additional night, but were unable to get Dodger tickets. Mark made a call to Bill DeLaurie and Bill called back with four tickets for us. That was a great ending to a great week.


Dan, Colleen, and Tommy Lay
Phoenix, AZ

I want to thank you and your staff at Aliso Viejo for the experience of your baseball camp. My son attended camp for four weeks and enjoyed it. The improvement in his skills were noticeable after the first week. the interaction between the coaches and kids was wonderful. I was especially impressed with Coaches Brad, Eric and Jeff. Their care and concern for my son was much appreciated.

When my son had a rough day. Coach Eric made sure the next day that all was well and that my son was enjoying himself. I know that this is their job, but it meant a lot to me that he knew who I was and wanted to make sure that all was well. Working with children myself, I understand that some kids are and can be more difficult. Thank you so much for showing the concern.

Coach Brad, I had to laugh when I overheard you talking to my son, telling him the same things that his father and I do and not letting him get away without answering you. you got him to listen. He does try to remember all that you have said to him, though the true test will be when winter baseball starts.

Coach Jeff, thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions from the first timers at the camps. Your staff was great. I look forward to sending my son there again during the Christmas break and again next summer.

The encouragement that all the staff gave to the children was awesome. The positive attitudes that were always there, even when it was a long, hot, rough day it was great.

Thank you all again for the experience.

Vicki Wuest